Mission statement: 
‘Audiendo ad terram’: Listening to the Earth
The Institute exits for the purpose of exploring, recording and interpreting geological sonic phenomena in the British Isles and sovereign British territories worldwide.
For the purposes of this mission statement, ‘sonic geology’ shall be defined as the emerging, experimental science derived from the empirical analysis of subterranean sonic phenomena, and the tapping of historical sonic substrata for the release of revelatory data. 

The Institute aims to:

1: Be the leading voice for sonic geology and an authoritative source of sonic geology information for the advancement of sonic geology and the benefit of humanity;
2: Provide effective programs in support of the sonic geology community and the conduct of sonic geology;
3: Collaborate with international sonic geology societies for the advancement of science, science education and the science community;
4: Cooperate with international sonic geology societies, to promote sonic geology, to support sonic geologists worldwide and to foster international collaboration;
5: Promote an active, engaged and diverse membership, and support the activities of its units and members.